Luis Navas

Born:  02-02-77
Home Town: barcelona
Lake Home: L.A.C, Cercs, barcelona
Riding since: 1999
How did you get all this?
Since I start  snowboarding, I had in mind to try wakeboarding, and tired to go  every summer to the Alps. I tried and now im a yonki of that style too, jajjajaja!
Which is your ideal trip?  H
oomies, chicks, and freestyle.

Define your style:  Perfectionist
What tricks are you working now? H
illside switch back 540
Nothing in particular i have some stuff in my head i wanna try but, i cant tell you right now;)
A movie:
Training day
A song that pump you up: H
ouse of pain, (jump around) jump pop jump pop and get down!!!!Park or Boat
park or die!
Tell us about one of your worst habits: Be late.

What superpower would you like to have?
What SuperPark would you like to have? Full of original obstacules for same sides, goufie or regular.
A park rider:
Paul B. “kaiser sose” great flow!
A boat rider
: Paco B.
A partying rider: Paul B. fucking  boss!

End of interview, what will you do now?
Im going to meet a chick, daaammmm im late.



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