Paul M. Betoret

Name: Paul M. Betoret
Born: 30/12/1977
Home Town: Barcelona, Spain
Lake Home: LAC, Cercs, Barelona, Spain
Riding since: 2006
How did you get all this? a way to scape,  all have a past.
Which is your ideal trip?
Kyra, Duni, Zoe and me.

Define your style:  Humble.
 What tricks are you working now?                                                            
Kickflip, I landed last october in C.W.C, and i cant wait to next seson to solid that!
A movie New: Drive.
Old:  True Romace.
A song that pump you up Aqui te pillo aqui temazo (coocking bananas)
Park or Powder? Lake and plate.
Park or Boat? Both in the same day.
Tell us about one of your worst habits: Impulsively.
What superpower would you like to have? Time machine to change just one thing.
What SuperPark would you like to have? L.A.C. wakeboard school.
A park rider Luis Navas, “nice and clean” style.
A Boat rider Wakeboard: Pako Benguerel.
Wakeskate: Michel Martin.
A partying rider: Ron Brugal.
End of interview, what will you do now? Shower, dress, chopper, work and rock and roll!!!